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December 2020

Greetings from LumenSoft,

As the year ends, we hope you can look back and be thankful for many things that turned out right. 

In spite of all the challenges that 2020 brought for the entire world, the year also proved the resilience of human spirit, and renewed our faith in collective effort.

At LumenSoft, the challenges of 2020 never deterred us from our mission of making retail simple and affordable for every retailer/wholesaler.

In our monthly newsletters, you have been reading about many new features in both Candela RMS and Nimbus RMS. And the month of December is no exception.

One new feature is the C-12 Sales Commission report. If you are managing sales commission, or want to manage it, you can check our detailed tutorial on Candela RMS website: Sales Commission: How to Manage it in Candela Retail Software

To benefit from the latest features in Candela, you need to have the latest Candela Release ( 

Nimbus News

Nimbus Cloud Retail POS is getting more robust by the day. If you have already created your store’s account in Nimbus, you can see the new simpler interface. 

Built-in Online POS Accounting Module

Nimbus has a built in online POS Accounting module. All transactions carried out in Nimbus are automatically synced in the accounting module, and you can carry out all double entry accounting transactions in the accounting module.

 Nimbus RMS is no Integrated with Shopify

You can create your ecommerce store in Shopify and all your data in Nimbus, like new products, stock, etc., will automatically sync with the ecommerce store.

Nimbus Integration with Shopify
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We wish you the best for the times to come. May you all start 2021 with renewed vigor and hope.

Yours in Retail

Team LumenSoft

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