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How to Select your Cash and Carry Location

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Latest Candela Release:

September 2021

Greetings from LumenSoft,

As you know, distribution is an important aspect of wholesale businesses, and to make the distribution side of the wholesale business easier to handle, we keep adding new features in Candela.

One feature requested by many Candela customers is 'salesperson ledgers.' In our latest release,, we have added this feature, and now you can easily keep track of the amount received from each salesperson, and his/her outstanding dues.  

We will soon share a detailed video and article about this feature. If you have subscribed to our Youtube channel and Candela Retail Blog page, you will get a notification.

Check the quick start video tutorial: How to Manage Wholesale business in Candela

Another useful feature, introduced in release, is the new column of 'Average Retail Price' in the C-30 report.

If you have been running various discount campaigns on certain products, the report will now show the average retail price during the selected time range. The system will calculate the average retail price based on how many discounts were offered during the selected period. This will help you monitor the retail to cost price ratio 

Following the feedback we received on the video & article on cash and carry in Pakistan, we are sharing another video plus an article on How to Select the Carry & Carry Location.

Click the image above to watch the video and read the article.

Nimbus RMS News

A new feature, store-based prices, is added in Nimbus RMS. If you are running a multi-store business, you can set different prices for the same products at each store.

The store-based pricing feature will become live in the next release of Nimbus.

Do share your comments/ feedback about the feature.

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Yours in Retail

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