Do you have a game plan to increase your sales and customer base? We have added to a few features to keep pace with your aspirations.
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November 2021

Greetings from LumenSoft,

So the winter has finally set in. Do you have a game plan to increase your sales and customer base this season?

We have added a few features to keep pace with your aspirations. 

Now if you have integrated an eCommerce store with Candela, you can easily mark any item as a 'web item' on the product definition screen. Previously, you had to go to Utilities > product Utilities > Update Product Information screen to do so.

A new phone number column is added in the A-05 Receivable Payable report (release If while defining them, you have entered the mobile numbers of the credit customers the report will show the mobile numbers. This will make it easier to interact with your credit customers. 

In our October newsletter, you read about some key cash and carry business insights.

Here's a link to our fourth article and video talk on the topic of cash and carry. In this video talk, Omer Farooq, retail consultant & Coo Xtreem Retail, discusses some important aspects related to the procurement process, product displays, and software selection for cash and carry business in Pakistan.

Nimbus RMS News

Ecommerce is fast catching on, and it is good business sense to have an e-commerce store to facilitate your customers. Some of you already know about the Nimbus integration with Shopify. We keep adding new features to smooth out the integration process. Do log in to your Nimbus store to check the new features in the eCommerce menu. 

Also, visit the Nimbus E-commerce page

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