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Latest Candela Release:

Greetings from LumenSoft,

With Ramazaan ending and Eid celebrations in full swing, the retail sector is busy catching up with the customer demands. We are also doing our bit to help you make retail super simple for your customers.

First things first. We had been receiving feature requests from retailers, especially pharmacy retailers, for calculating PO quantity based on average sales.

As we always say, when you suggest something, we listen. So now this feature is rolled out in our latest Candela release:

Click the image below to watch the feature tutorial:

Nimbus RMS News

Were you wondering how to make it impossible for someone to sell below cost on Nimbus RMS?

Well, now if you don't want to allow your staff to sell below cost, no below-cost sale can take place. It is a rights-based feature meaning it is totally in your control, you can allow someone to sell below cost and also revoke this right.  

Do check the feature and let us know about your comments.

We will be reaching out to you next month with more feature updates and stories of retailers, so be on the lookout for that. 

Once again, have a blessed Eid with your family and friends.

For your comments and suggestions, email us at Or connect with us on any of our social media channels (Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter)

Have a great time, and keep retailing.

Yours in Retail,

Team LumenSoft

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