Increase your sales. Increase your profit margins. There are many ways to make your business profitable.
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Latest Candela Release:

Greetings from LumenSoft,

Increase your sales. Increase your profit margins. 

There are many ways to make your business profitable. We have been sharing details of how Candela or Nimbus can help you improve sales. Good customer service is one of the important factors that you need to focus upon.

And good customer service is not possible without salesperson management.

Based on our customers' feedback, we keep adding new functionalities to make salesperson management simple and effective.

In our July newsletter, we shared details of how a new column on the search tab of the sales and return screen can help you search sales receipts made by any salesperson.

In the latest Candela release (, there is another feature to make salesperson management easier.

 If you have multiple stores, you can also easily shift your salespersons from one store to another. You can use this feature on a new screen.

Go to Utilities>General Utilities>Switch Salespersons. Shifting the salesperson from one store to another will not impact her/his previous sales thus there will be no problem in calculating the salesperson's commission no matter in which store the sales happen.

For all those using Candela Food, there is good news. We have now added the services charges feature on the Candela food sales and return screen. We will soon share a video tutorial on the feature.

Nimbus RMS News
Salesperson Management in Nimbus RMS

The Ultimate Guide to Salesperson Management in NimbusRMS

If you are using Nimbus online retail software and wondering how to manage salespersons in Nimbus RMS, wonder no more.

Nimbus RMS also helps you streamline your salesperson management. We have prepared a detailed guide that lists down all the steps involved. Please click the image above to read the guide.

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Have a great time, and keep retailing.

Yours in Retail,

Team LumenSoft

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