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Lumens Singing National Anthem

Candela Times, 
August, 2017

Greetings From LumenSoft,

Pakistan Independence Day calls for a moment of introspection, to zero in on our contribution to the country, and to make future plans for our country’s progress.

We at LumenSoft take pride in the fact that we are serving the retail industry, both in Pakistan and abroad, with a product that’s made in Pakistan: Candela RMS. LumenSoft marked the 70th Independence Day by climbing the Mushkpuri top in Nathiagali and singing the national anthem with fervor. The long hike to Mushkpuri was meant to acknowledge the long, challenging journey that our country has made so far. You can check the video here.

Though we took a difficult route to celebrate the Independence Day, in retail we like to keep things super simple for our customers. At the same time, we also like to keep up with the changing retail trends and the vagaries of the retail industry. So as we celebrate the 70th Independence Day what better gift we could offer to the retail industry but More Freedom!  

Your retail solution, Candela RMs, is now fully integrated with FonePay. Nascent technologies are redefining shopping experience and the retail industry has to catch up fast.  The growing pervasiveness of digital payment technology will soon make mobile the standard method of payment by consumers. Candela users can now easily accept payments made through mobile payment app FonePay. You can read more about it in our press release here.

On a similar note of offering more freedom to retailers, Candela Nimbus RMS is now available in both single store and multistore versions. Nimbus RMS is online retail software that gives you the freedom to do business without the confines of infrastructure and time. Plus it is cost-efficient and secure.

So if you were thinking about letting Nimbus RMS help you take your retail business to the clouds, visit the website now and start using the Demo version to get a feel of the software!

We will keep sharing details of upgrades and new features in both Candela RMS and Nimbus RMS here. So please stay tuned.

For any information, query, comment, and feedback drop a line at You can also find us on Facebook and twitter

Happy Retailing.

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Tips and Tricks

You can easily search products on Product Definition screen. Bring the cursor in Product Code field and click F3. A screen will open up showing the entire list of products (irrespective of the line items). Here you can also search product by code or product name by entering information in the relevant field

Thou shall perform physical audit at regular intervals. This will not only keep tabs on inventory theft but will also lock all transactions and make the system faster. 

You can Identify certain fields on Product Definition screen as Mandatory fields.

You can identify certain product definition fields as mandatory thus making it impossible to save the products for which the required information is not provided. For example, if you want to map every product with its supplier, you can check the supplier field as mandatory and the system will not let you save any product unless its supplier is mentioned.

Go to:

Utilities > Setup Configuration > Customized Form Control

Expand Product Definition Mandatory fields and check the fields you want to designate as mandatory. Save.

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