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Greetings from LumenSoft,

Start your year off with getting a firm grip on your sales with Candela. Sales is the heart of any business and we constantly try to improve the selling experience both for retailers and their customers. We understand there are diverse retail requirements across various retail verticals, and thus we have added a host of features to cater to all our customer types.

If you have been following our newsletter and regular release updates, you might be aware of all or some of the features that have been recently added to make sales more efficient and simple.

Here’s also a brief overview of some of the features:


Product Serial Number on SR-04 & SR-06 Sales receipts

 SR-04 and SR-06 receipt types are especially useful for grocery retailers where the shopping cart includes a wide variety of food and household products. The serial numbers will make it easier to check invoice accuracy and locate/identify various products at the time of sales return, exchange, etc.

All you have to do is select one of these receipts from receipt type drop down on Utilities>Setup and Configuration>Receipt Page Setup.


Special Receipt Types for Printing Full Product Names

Sometimes customers require sale receipts with names of the products they have bought.  Such receipts become visible in the Receipt Type drop down field (on receipt page setup screen) when ‘Show Full Product Name Receipts’ checkbox is marked on System Configuration>Receipt tab.


Margin column in the grid of Sales & Return screen

Sometimes, you might have to give discount or edit price of certain products while selling. In such situations it is helpful to know about the exact profit margins. A rights-based feature displays profit margin column on the sales and return screen.

Just go to Group Rights screen and from form categories select shop activities>sales; expand sales and mark the checkbox ‘Show Margin in Grid.’ As a result, profit margin column will appear on the sales and return screen.


Record Missed Sales with both Quantity and Value

Missed sales is another important feature that helps you have a clear picture of all your missed opportunities.  Now when you record missed sales, system will automatically show value of the product quantity being recorded. This helps you keep track of not just product quantity that’s needed but also the total retail value of the missed opportunities. 

Need to know more about these features? Have a question? Suggestion? Connect with us on Facebook and Twitter. Also feel free to reach out to us by sending an email to or by giving us a call at 111-290-290

Happy Retailing


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January 15, 2018
Flexible Retail Price and How to Manage it In Candela

If you are a retailer or wholesaler you probably know this: though cost and retail are two standard types of prices you deal in, they are not the only types. Business owners want to remain open-ended about their pricing strategy. There can be different types of retail prices depending on the type of customer or the nature of the product.

And this is where flexibility and customizability of Candela comes in. Candela makes it extremely easy to implement different types of pricing strategies according to your requirements

In this blog post, we will show you how to keep retail price flexible and in which situations flexible pricing can be helpful.

Let’s get started!

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Dear Techie,

During sales, I receive payments via various methods: Cash, credit and credit cards. Is there a way to see details of the payments received along with their modes of payments during Cash Closing?

Die hard Candela User


Dear Die Hard Candela User,

Yes, definitely. All you have to do is this:

Go to System Configuration>Sale tab, mark the checkbox ‘allow multiple payments.’ Update. Log off and log in again.

On the POS closing and daily closing after saving the closing, click print icon the Search tab and print the report.  The printed report will show complete details of payments received against sales along with the modes of payment. 

Stay happy.

Yours in retail,

Candela Techie


Techie's Tip

To check complete movement of products (opening stock, number of items sold, closing stock), go to: B-11 Bin Card Report.


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