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Service Sales Corporation and LumenSoft
LumenSoft Technologies, announced integration of its flagship product, Candela RMS, with SAP (an ERP solution).

Greetings from LumenSoft,

Integrating Candela with SAP (ERP solution) is how we kicked off the summer of 2018. Now both software applications (Candela & SAP) are integrated to provide advanced workflow capabilities for two-way transfer of data from Candela to SAP and vice-versa. The integration will give our customers the tools they need to scale up and further streamline their operations. You can learn more about this development by watching this video.

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Happy Retailing


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March 19, 2018
How Missed Sales Hurt your Business and What to do About It

If your sales are drying up there could be many factors responsible for it. And one important, but mostly overlooked, factor is missed sales. Put simply, missed sales or lost sales are your potential sales that could have happened but didn’t because the required items were out of stock. Missed sales impact your business in two ways:

Loss of revenue

It’s a no brainer! If a customer comes in, wants a product, and you don’t have it, you are losing revenue. Now consider. If this scenario, for example, occurs just five times a day on average, tally up the losses in terms of the revenue you have lost during a week, then a month, then… well, you know what I am getting at.

The loss could be huge...

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Dear Techie,

I had been manually managing all my retail operations, and it was a complete mess. Now I have finally started using Candela RMS. I have defined the products but there’s some existing stock of some of the products that I need to enter in Candela. I understand that to be able do so I need to define an opening stock supplier, but don’t know how to do it. Please help me.

A Latecomer to Candela Club


Dear late comer to Candela Club,

Better late than never.

Yes. To enter opening stock of any product you need to define an opening supplier.

Go to: Configuration> System Configuration>Product/STR tab

From the stock opening drop down, select a supplier. Save

Now to enter opening stock, go to Product definition screen

Select product

Click Opening stock tab

Enter opening stock for the selected product in the grid. Save

An automatic GRN will be created in the system against the opening supplier mapped in on the system configuration screen.

Stay happy.

Yours in retail,


Candela Techie. 


Wizard’s Commandment

If during Physical Audit inventory differences are found, DO NOT enter sales and return to balance stock. Enter the actual stock values found during physical audit.

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