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Customers' Training in Progress. Trainer: Abdul Rehman (Manager Customer Support)

Greetings from LumenSoft,

As the years unfold and we keep working towards making retail simple for our customers, our core mission remains our customers’ satisfaction. Customer support and training is our biggest concern and we have provided various channels to make it easier for customers to approach us.  

Our in-house training of new customers, which includes 3 full length one to one sessions-, is how we equip our customers with the know-how to become expert CandelaRMS users. These trainings also provide us the chance to understand what our customers expect from Candela and how they want to use it.

It is true that customers’ requirements are varied, and some may need features that Candela may not have, but generally speaking Candela is hugely customizable.  It can cater to diverse needs of different retail verticals and types of businesses.

For this newsletter, we have collected a few questions that were recently asked during such trainings. You may be able to relate to some of them.

If you have questions you would like us to address, please reach out via email at,  facebook, twitter or visit our website and leave a comment.

And if you haven’t yet subscribed to our YouTube channel ‘Retail Talkplease click the link to subscribe. On Retail Talk you can watch our bite size video tutorials and leave a comment to tell us about your challenges and issues when it comes to using Candela or NimbusThis will help us choose topics for more videos. 

Happy Retailing


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I want to create a supplier’s account in Candela. But I have already paid advance to this supplier, how do I manage this advance payment in Candela?


It is easy. Go to Configuration>Misc>Supplier screen. Enter supplier details, and in Opening Balance field, enter the advance amount with the negative sign.

Now when you receive any stock on credit from this supplier, Candela will automatically deduct this amount from the advance payment. Your Supplier Payment screen (Purchase>Supplier Payment) will show the current balance against the supplier.


If I withdraw some money from bank for my day to day business transaction, how and where should I record this transaction?

You will record this transaction on the Account Transaction screen (Shop Activities>Account Transaction).

On the Account Transaction screen, from Charge to Account drop down menu select Bank Account. In the Amount field, enter the amount. You can also write reason for withdrawal in the Comments section.

To check all transactions against Bank Account, go to Shop Activities>Account Ledger, from Select an Account drop down menu select Bank Account; if you want to check transactions within a certain date range, enter dates;  and click Generate Report button.

All transactions along with the comments will load in the grid. You can also print the grid data by clicking the print icon on top right hand side of the grid.

Remember: the amount withdrawn from the bank and entered in the system will appear as Cash Inflow on Daily Cash Flow (closing) screen.


At times, I give advance to my employees against their salaries. How can I maintain records of advance payment to my employees in Candela?


It is simple. On Account Heads screen (Configuration>Misc.>Account Heads) create account heads of your employees.

Now on Account Transaction screen, select employee from Charge to Account drop down (all created account heads of employees will appear in the menu). Enter advance amount in the Amount field, and in the Comments field, you can mention that it is advance against the salary.

You can check date wise details of advance paid to the employee either on Account Ledger screen or on A-06 Shop Expense Report (Reports>A-Account Reports) select the employee and generate report.


While shifting my business in Candela, I also want to enter some amount as Capital, how can I do this? How will it impact my account?

If you want to enter your capital in Candela, on the Account Transaction screen select Head Office from Charge to Account drop down menu and enter the capital amount in the Amount field. In the Transaction Comments field n you can enter information for reference. Candela will treat this amount as your inflow. All your expenses will be deducted from this amount, and all income will be added to it.


During day to day transactions if I submit cash to my directors at Head office, how can I account for it in Candela?


On Account Transaction screen from Charge to Account drop down, select Head Office. Now enter amount (that you are submitting to HO directors) in the Amount field with the negative sign. 

 Remember: The negative amount entered against Head Office will appear as Cash Outflow on Daily Cash Flow (closing) screen.

In Candela there are short-cuts for screens that are often used. Can I customize these short cuts and also use my own images for the screen that I want to create the short cuts for?


Yes. You can not only create screen short-cuts according to your requirements but can also change images.

Go to Utilities>Setup and Configuration>Toolbar Customization. Here click Control +H to open screen specific help and learn how to customize the tool bar

Wizard’s Commandment


Use Purchase Order feature.  PO helps in planning the products which will be added to the stock

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