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Greetings from LumenSoft,

Customers are important. We believe this and this is also the axiom retailers live by. We thus continuously add new features to make retail simple for our customers and this helps them satisfy their customers in turn. As you already know, new features and upgrades are added in every new release of Candela. The current release is 12.0.50. If you haven’t already upgraded the application you need to do so to be able to use many of the functionalities you have been asking for.

We have listed below two such new features. You can try them out and in case of any problem call our support department. Or simply email us or send us a message at or leave a comment on our Facebook page, Twitter or Website.

And yes. There is one very important issue and we want all our customers to take it seriously. Lately, there has been a surge in ransom ware and other malware attacks all over the world and Pakistan is no exception.

To protect your system and data from such security breaches, take regular backup of your data on a SEPARATE device like USB. Some of you have been taking backups on their system drives; this will be useless if any virus attacks your entire system. And do ensure the following:

·         innocentUse licensed Antivirus software with regular updates

·         innocentKeep Windows Defender and Firewall on

·         innocentIf possible, use hardware firewall.

·         innocent Last but not least, use strong password

Till next time, and don't forget to subscribe to Retail Talk, our Youtube Channel.

Happy Retailing

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It's New

Record reasons for Product Returns


Keeping tabs on the reasons why certain products are returned helps you rectify problems with your products or services. With Candela RMS you can now record reasons of sales return.

Once you enter the return on the sales and return screen, click on Return Reason button (or click Ctrl+G). Return Reason screen will pop up where you can select the reason from the drop down menu.

 Note: To configure reasons, go to: Configuration>Misc>Sale Return Reason. Here you can enter all possible reasons and save them. All saved reasons will appear in the drop down menu of the return reason screen on sales and return. 

Checking Return Reasons in sales report:  In C-11 report there is a new checkbox ‘Show Return Reason’ when this check box is marked, a new column appears in the grid showing sale return reasons against each return.


Easily Update and Edit Huge Customer Database

Now you can easily edit and update your customer data by exporting it as excel file. Go to Reports>H-Customer Reports>H-01 Customer Report. On the criteria screen there is new button ‘Generate Exporter’.  Click it to load data and then click Excel sign on the top of the grid and save the file.

You can now make changes in the customer records or enter new records on the excel file. Once the file is complete you can upload it by going to: Utilities>General Utilities>Customer Loader.

On Customer Loader screen, click the button ‘Load file for Update’ and select the update file; once the file is loaded click Update Customers button.

Wizard’s Commandment


Take regular data backups and use a good licensed antivirus software to protect your data.

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