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"Hope You Had a Happy Eid!" LumenSoft Team

Greetings from LumenSoft,

Hope all of you enjoyed the Eid festivities with your friends and family. Now, after a brief respite during the Eid break, mercury is again on the rise. Take care of yourself, try to avoid the mid-day sun and drink more water than usual.

We at LumenSoft are doing our bit to keep retail temperature cooler by making things easier for you.

What if for size and color items you could see ‘Size Name’ instead of simply size code in the GRN grid? What if you could see purchase value of your stock both with and without tax? What if you could have more control on how customer order is processed? And what if you could see report of the sales made against a certain discount?

Well, all this- and much more- has already happened! You need to upgrade Candela to its latest release to be able to use all our cool new features. 

For your comments and suggestion, get in touch via email or leave a comment on our Facebook page, Twitter or Website. And yes, you can always learn how to use Candela by subscribing to our YouTube Channel Retail Talk.  

Happy Retailing

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From Our Blog
June 21, 2018
What are Nested Alternate Barcodes and How to Use them?

Scanning of product barcodes at a checkout counter is a common sight. Barcodes make checkout experience faster and serve as unique product identifiers.  While every product has a unique barcode, there are certain products that are also sold in various packs of different quantities. For example, in bakery retail eggs are sold in packs of dozen, or six eggs. Similarly,  book stores can sell stationery items like pencils in various packs, etc.

To keep your checkout experience efficient you should be able to easily identify and select various packs of the same product while selling. How do you do this?

Alternate Nested Barcode is the answer. 


Wizard’s Commandment


Perform Physical Audit at least once a month. This improves the speed of many reports, and also blocks back date entry of different transactions.

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