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Greetings from LumenSoft,

Hope all of you enjoyed a bumper festive sales season at Eid al-Adha. Summer sale period coincided with new arrivals for Eid, and this must have made retail management hectic. We hope Candela helped you to keep things simple and efficient. As always, during Eid or other events of higher sales volumes, we tend to get lots of requests for refreshers and trainings about various pricing and sales related functionalities in Candela.

In this newsletter, we have put together some commonly asked questions about pricing and sales to give you a quick refresher. You can also check the playlist of sales related videos on our YouTube channel Retail Talk.


Yes, the latest release of Candela is If you haven’t updated the application then do so to be able to use the cool new features introduced recently. We are sharing some of the new features below.

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Happy Retailing

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It's New

Sales & Return: Void Sales Receipt functionality

In Candela release, a new feature regarding void sales receipt is introduced. Now, you can void sales receipts based on security rights “Void Receipt”.If the security rights are given “Void” button will be ENABLED on Sales & Return screen in Update mode. On clicking this button, system will not delete the invoice from database but will clear its quantity and amount.

 New 3 inch Urdu Receipt with Product Discount

A new 3 inch URDU sales receipt “SR-23 Small (3 inch) with Product Discount-Urdu (with Full Product Name)” is introduced. It will show “Product Discount” column on the sales receipt. This option will be visible at “Utilities > Setup & Configuration > Receipt Page Setup” screen based on “System Configuration > Receipt Tab > Show Full Product Name’s Receipts checkbox


Option to download latest “Help” file

 A new link “Download” along with “Candela Help” button is provided. On clicking this link, system will download the latest Candela Help file and it will be downloaded in your Candela RMS installation folder automatically

A Quick Refresher 


I can't see retail and cost price columns on the GRN screen. What happened?

Nothing Serious. You just don't have the rights to view cost and retail price.

Go to: Security>Users

Select the user group you belong to

Select your User Name

mark the checkbox 'Enable view Cost Price',  update.

Now you will be able to see both cost and retail price columns on GRN screen.

I updated the price on Utility->price utility-> change retail price.  By mistake I entered the wrong price but when I tried to modify it again, I couldn't do it. What should I do?

One way to do correct the mistake is to change the date to next day and then update the price again.

Another way to do it is to go to: Security>Group Rights

Select your user group

From Form Categories, select Price Utilities

Expand Price Utilities

Expand 'Product Retail Price'

Uncheck the box Disable Update Retail Price

Update (log off and login )

Now when you go to price utilities screen, update radio button will be enabled, and you will be able to update the price as many times as you want to.


How can I define a new price of an existing product?

To update product price, go to: Configuration>Product Definition

Select and load the product

Click Product Price tab

In the Start Date field, enter the date from which the new price will become applicable

In Price field, enter new price



I want to give myself the right to change retail price on the sales and return screen. What should I do?

Go to: Security>Users

Select your User group

Select your name

Check the box "Allow POS price Editing"


Which report can show me complete movement of product (its opening stock, number of items sold, closing stock)?

Go to: Reports>B-Audit Reports>B-11 Bin Card Report

Select the Line Item

Select the product whose flow you want to check

Click Generate Report


How can I make sure that items are never sold below their cost price?

Go to: Security>Group Rights

From User Groups select the group who shouldn’t be able to sell below cost price.

From Form category, select Shop Activities

Expand Shop Activities

Expand Sales and Return

Check the checkbox "Restrict below Cost"


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