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Greetings from LumenSoft,

As you know, Candela is catering to different retail verticals, and each retail business has its own specific requirements that have to do with the kind of products it sells. Candela, being a complete retail management system, has special features for each retail industry. Our product upgrades also keep introducing new features to make retail simple for the type of business you deal in. 

For example, a few releases back we introduced the feature of region wise default supplier for our pharmacy customers. Now we have further enhanced this feature plus added a new feature for pharmacy retailers, and you can read about them below. 

Our candela upgrades take into account the feedback and requirements of our customers. Many of you asked for some special features on the sales and return screen. You asked for it, and we have done it! Learn more about them in the ‘It’s New’ section.

As always, we are also adding a small refresher to brush up your knowledge of Candela. Learn and keep retail Simple smile


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Happy Retailing

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It’s New

Attaching a New Default Supplier to the Same Medicines

Once you have defined default regional supplier to certain drugs, you are not stuck with it. You can now (introduced in release 12.0.61) change the default supplier. All you have to do is this: 

Go to Configuration>Misc>Region Wise Default Supplier

Mark the check box Overwrite Default Supplier

Now you can select and attach a new supplier to the same products and save.


Product Batch and Expiry Fields in F-05 Report

Pharmacy retailers in particular have to add product Batch numbers and Expiry dates while entering GRN of medicines. 
Product Batch Number and Expiry date fields are now added in F-05 Purchase Detail Report (introduced in release

Hide Additional Comment Field

A few releases back, additional comments field was introduced on the sales and return screen where you can add information about the receipt for your own reference.  These comments are not meant to be printed on sales receipt.  

Now (introduced in release if you don’t need it, you can hide the additional comments field.

Go the Configuration>System Configuration>Sale tab

Uncheck the check box ‘Show Additional Comments.’

A Quick Refresher about Changing Retail Price 

Candela gives you the option to develop a future pricing strategy. For instance, if you want to increase your retail price after one month, you can enter the future date (the date from which the new price will become applicable), specify the new price, and save it in the system. On that particular date, the new price will be activated. You can do so on the Product Price tab. 

Configuration> Product Definition > Product Price

In the Start Date field enter the future date 

In the Price field, enter the price that you want to charge from the specified date onwards

Press Save. (Security>Group Rights > Configuration>Product Definition> Disable Update Retail Price)

You can change retail price on the GRN screen by adding percentage markup of the cost price:

• Bring the cursor in the Retail Price column and press F3. 

• A pop up window will appear. Enter percentage of the cost price you want to change the retail price by. 

System will calculate percentage of the cost price and add it to the cost price, the percentage plus cost price will become the new retail price. For example, if the cost price of a certain product is 60, and you entered 50 in the percentage column, the new retail price will become (60+ 30) = 90.

• Press Save .

Note: The short cut key (F3) will work if the retail price is checked as editable on the system configuration screen.

Configuration> System Configuration> Purchase

Enable Editable Retail Price Config checkbox should be checked. 
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