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As always, we have been living up to our mission of making retail management simple for the retail industry. There have been constant upgrades in our on-premise inventory management software, Candela RMS.

During the last month, many new features are introduced to make retail POS and inventory management simpler for you. You can download the latest  Candela release and try out all the new features. If you don’t understand anything, we are there to help. Call our support department for assistance. 

Improvements were made to further smooth out the retail operations like sales and return, sales receipts, customer definition, etc. 

Moreover, as per your demands and the industry requirements, Candela is now integrated with FBR. All the sales in Candela are now synced with FBR server. 

Listen to our QA Manager, Nadim Majeed, to get an idea about the latest additions to Candela RMS. 

Similarly, our online retail management software, Nimbus RMS, is also now quicker and easier to handle. 

Click the video and learn more about it.

Don't forget to reach out to us on facebook and twitter. Talk to us on YouTube or follow us on Instagram. We are always there for you.

Take care and happy Retailing,
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