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Dear Candela Users, you can now add more spice to the retail experience for your customers by offering Promo packs. Yes, promo pack is a remarkable new feature that Candela now offers. You can not only define promo packs but can also get a notification on the POS about the items available in Promo packs. This will help your salesperson guide the customer.

And, we have not only made things easier on the sales front but also in inventory management. After all, retail is our cup of tea, and Candela is complete retail inventory management software

Now you can set purchase limit in the system, and this will help you keep track of your budget on inventory purchases. Similarly, for wholesalers, we have introduced a new sales receipt (SR-26 Standard (A4) with Batch No. and Expiry Date). This invoice shows Pack Qty instead of Loose Qty. The receipt also prints “Product Batch No.” and “Product Expiry Date” along with customers'ledger details.

There are many other features as well. Just upgrade your candela to the latest version ( 12.0.71) to be able to use all these features. 

For help, you can call our support department or write to us on YouTube, facebook, twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn. 


On the Nimbus Front, we have solved non-cash payment processing issues for Nimbus users. Now Nimbus users can create and recharge their Nimbus Account with debit or credit card. You can read more about it here. 


You can always write to us at

Take care and happy retailing.

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