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Greetings from LumenSoft 

Dear Candela users, our regular upgrades in Candela RMS aim to make retail efficient in every possible way. Every new release of Candela takes into account the feedback that you provide us. Based on your suggestions and requirements we have introduced many new features and have also made enhancements to the old ones. 

To be able to use the new features you need to have the latest release of Candela (

In this newsletter, we are highlighting three features introduced on the sales and return screen. You can also hear about them in the video posted below where our QA manager Nadim Majeed discusses them at some length.

Shortcut for Related Operations on the Sales and Return Screen

Though you can use keyboard shortcuts on the sales and return screen for performing various sales screen related operations, now we have added a short cut to make retail easier. This shortcut lists not just sales related operations but also their keyboard commands. You can simply click the link to perform the related operation.

Cash Skimming

Now senior cashier or manager can skim cash easily by using the override login facility; for this purpose a new shortcut (CTRL + Shift + K) is also added on the sales and return screen. This shortcut will open a popup showing Cash Available (Opening + received + Cash Sales -Skimmed) and Cash Skimming fields.


Mandatory Recording of Mobile Numbers of walk-in Customers

A new configuration on (configuration>Sale tab screen) helps you enforce recording of mobile numbers of all walk-in customers. While making a new receipt, a pop up will appear requiring the mobile number of the customer.  This feature will help you create effective mobile marketing campaigns.

For any help contact our support department. You can also contact us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, or by writing to us at: naureen@lumensoft.biz

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Take care and happy retailing.

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