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Greetings from LumenSoft,

A lot of you, especially candela- for- pharmacy users, have been asking for a feature that could make editing retail pack price easier on GRN.

We have been listening!

And now in our release we have introduced two new columns on the GRN screen where you can enter the product retail price in packs.

For you, we have also prepared a special video about the feature. Go here to watch the video.

There is also a new purchase order report (F-18) that shows changes made to the selected Purchase Order within a selected date range. Similarly, a new product report (G-13) also helps you check all changes on the product definition screen (like new products, change in prices, and other changes to the existing products) within the selected date range. 

Want to know more about the new features? Call our support department or visit our websites.

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Yours in Retail

Team LumenSoft

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LumenSoft Technologies Making Retail Simple
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